Get or Renew Your Card

Important – Please Read

Please be informed that the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) processes your personal data in line with Data Protection Legislation. For further information kindly refer to the Data Protection Policy.

Image showing a 35 by 45 millimetre head and neck silhouette

Please scan a good quality coloured passport sized photo (approx. 45mm by 35mm). The photo must be taken against a light background showing the full frontal face, with no hats, helmets or sunglasses. The photo you upload will be printed on your EU Disability Card (provided that you are eligible for one), so please ensure that the photo is of good quality and that you upload the intended file.

If you do not already have an EU Disability Card, you must download this single-page form (ENGLISH) (MALTESE) and get your doctor to complete it. You must then scan and upload it when submitting your application.