About The Card

In 2015, the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) started implementing the ‘EU Disability Card in Malta’ project which is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC) of the European Union.

The EU Disability Card is also being introduced in seven other Member States through their own project, also co-financed by the REC Programme. These Member States are: Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Slovenia and Romania.

The aim of the card is to allow persons with disabilities travelling to other participating EU Member States to show they have a certified disability status in their home Member State.

Moreover, EU Disability Cards holders will be able to use their card in any of the eight participating countries to access certain benefits. Benefits in each of the participant countries are different. People having an EU Disability Card issued by CRPD will be able to access the benefits specifically provided for EU Disability Card holders within the participating country they are travelling to, including the benefits provided in their home country (Malta).

Likewise, EU disability card holders from any of the 7 participating countries can access the specific benefits provided for EU Disability Card holders when visiting Malta.

For information about the benefits provided for EU Disability Card holders in Malta please refer to ‘Where can I use this in Malta’.

For information about benefits provided for EU Disability Card holders in the other participating countries please visit the European Commission’s EU Disability Card webpage. You should note that benefits vary between countries.

For more information about the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) please visit CRPD’s main website www.crpd.org.mt.

The production of the card is done at national level, therefore each participating member state is in charge of the production of its card.

The front of the EU Disability Card has a common format which was agreed at EU-level. This includes the name, surname and date of birth of the holder, a serial number and an expiry date, as well as the holder’s passport photograph. It also includes a security features and the initials of the member state issuing the card. The card also has ‘EU Disability Card’ printed in braille.

On the other hand, the back of the card was left for each Member State to decide what to put on it.

You can apply for (or renew) your EU Disability Card here.

Front of card

Back of card

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